A corrective eyedrop for presbyopia is progressing through the regulatory pipeline after encouraging findings emerged from a phase 2b study. The drop, CSF-1, aims to replace reading glasses as the primary treatment for presbyopia.

Distance-corrected near visual acuity improved by at least 3 lines in patients treated twice daily for 2 weeks, Orasis Pharmaceuticals announced in a press release. The results were reported earlier this month at AAO 2019 in San Francisco.

“We are encouraged by these results and CSF-1’s potential to improve the quality of life for people with presbyopia,” said Elad Kedar, CEO of Orasis. “CSF-1 can potentially alleviate the burden of reading glasses and offer a meaningful solution for billions of people living with age-related farsightedness worldwide.”

The double-masked trial evaluated the drop’s safety and tolerability in 166 patients with presbyopia. Patients received a single drop of assigned treatment in both eyes, twice daily, for 1 week. Treatment then continued for an additional week, with some participants receiving a different eyedrop concentration.

Orasis has not disclosed the ingredients of CSF-1, only noting that it contains a proprietary combination of “existing and well-studied ingredients.”

No safety or tolerability concerns emerged during the trial.

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